2015 To Do Lists Updates

This year has kind of kicked my ass. Before I even look at my spreadsheets, I can tell you that I didn't check too many things off on these lists. Let's take a look.

Financial Goals

  • Pay off credit cards
  • Install a fence
  • Go on vacation with Christopher
  • Retile master shower and bathroom floor
We didn't pay off all of our credit cards and we won't have time to retile the bathroom. BUT we are going on vacation in two weeks! We are going to Connecticut for Kelly's wedding and then New York City to breath in that big city air! I cannot wait. We also did take a nice weekend vacation to Sarasota for our anniversary, but I really had something that involved a plane and packing more than a tote bag, so NYC here we come! We also are really hoping to get a fence put up by Thanksgiving. Pray for us. 

Personal Growth Monthly Goals
  • Read at least one book each month
  • January - Learn fancy hand lettering
  • January - Try a new church
  • February - Learn to french braid my own hair
  • February - Try a new Restaurant with Christopher
  • March - Go camping
  • April - Feed a giraffe 
  • April - Have a pie party
  • May - Make homemade pasta
  • June - Purchase and learn Photoshop 
  • June - Host a game night
  • July - Actually learn to sew
  • August - Set up business for blog
  • September - Have professional pictures taken
  • October - Throw a surprise party 
  • November - Design my own Christmas cards
  • December - See The Nutcracker 
So far I have read enough books to have read one each month, I can't guarantee that it was spread out one per month exactly, but I've done pretty well on books. Woo Hoo!! I did not learn fancy hand lettering, or try a new church, or learn to french brain my own  hair, or go camping, or feed a giraffe, or have a pie party, or make homemade pasta, or purchase and learn photoshop, or host a game night, or learn to sew, or set up a business. I HAVE tried new restaurants, we are having professional pictures taken this weekend!! and October isn't done yet... so there is still a chance for a surprise party, but I doubt I'll get around to it. Cross your fingers for Christmas cards and The Nutcracker. I need a few more W's or my goals record is going to start looking like UCF's football record this season and I can't have that. 

House Projects
  • Paint the front door
  • Install fence
  • Replace interior garage door
  • Paint dining room
  • Replace back hallway door
  • Paint kitchen
  • Wallpaper foyer above molding
  • Replace master bedroom door
  • Retile master bathroom
  • Replace both office doors
  • Replace guest bath door
  • Paint laundry room
  • Repaint all baseboards and interior trim
  • Replace guest bath closet door
  • Paint Chris's office
  • Paint exterior trim
I love house projects, so I was pretty confident in this list at the beginning of the year. Take a guess at how much of it we finished. Just to give you a hint at the time I made the list we had the paint for the master bathroom, and interior trim. 

We did NONE of it. That's right NOT ONE SINGLE PROJECT. We haven't changed anything about our house all year. I could cry. Some of this is so easy, how did we not find the time?! I'm hoping to at least paint our bathroom by the end of the year, we still have the damn paint and it's super tiny. 

Overall, I have failed at this year. Obviously I need to be a little less enthusiastic when making lists for next year. 

Did you have big plans for this year? How did you do?


  1. I think Chris might have photoshop, he and Josh were talking about it. So check and then you won't need to buy it! :)


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