Caring for Popsicle

Dancing to Super Freak at my wedding
I call my grandpa Popsicle. It started as Pop, then Pops, then while on vacation I think, my dad called him Popsicle as a joke I'm pretty sure and it stuck. At least I think that's how it happened. I don't really know, I was like 10, but I'm 90% sure we were in a hotel room.

Anyway... everyone loves Popsicle. Ask anyone in my family, I bet he's their favorite relative.
Jake and Popsicle at Josh and Kimber's wedding
Popsicle is close to the end of his life and so we've been taking extra sweet care of him recently. Last night we sat with him, told him about how terrible UCF's football team is doing, about the kid that took a safety on a kickoff return like a bonehead, how George O'Leary stepped down and interim Athletic Director, how his team, Ohio State, has the exact opposite record this year (they are 6-0 instead of 0-6 like UCF). He seemed to like hearing about football, he was really surprised by the safety. I thought his eyes might pop out of his head. 

For now we're enjoying every last minute we have with him. We will shower him with Reese's peanut butter cups and fun stories as long as possible and when we can't, we'll hold him in our hearts. 


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