Fave Five Friday, October 16

This has been a really really  rough week. These favorites are pretty much me trying to find the silver lining some more and pepping myself up enough to handle life. 

1. Time to love on my Popsicle

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2. Juggernaut Espresso

I picked up a bag of this deliciousness from The Coffee Fox while I was in Savannah. YUM! This has been in my coffee mug this week, I couldn't be happier about it.

3. Coloring with my Cousin

Thursday night while hanging out at Popsicle's house, my cousin Shannon and I colored pages from my coloring book. We've kept Popsicle's puzzle table busy with puzzles and his house full of family and love, but sometimes when you're sad you just need to sit and do a quiet activity near someone you love.

4. Family Dinners

I've eaten dinner with my parents most nights this week and on Wednesday we even had an original Thompson five dinner at our favorite pizza place.

5.  Family Photos

Tomorrow Christopher, Lucy, and I are having our pictures taken by Allison Felker! I am so excited, it's been way too long! I'm looking forward to having a picture of the two of us hung up in our house that isn't almost 10 years old!

Bonus: Sweet cards in the mail from my friends

Family doesn't have to be the people you're related to by blood or marriage or adoption or any other legal definition. If you aren't close physically or emotionally to your family, make one. Find people that make you better, that make you smile, that support you when life sucks, and celebrate more often than necessary. Eat meals with them, play games with them, go to the beach with them. Don't do life alone, it's much too hard. 


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