Kaioen Coffee

A new coffee place opened in Oviedo last week, Kaioen Coffee. Obviously I had to try it immediately, so Thursday night my dad, Jake, and I stopped by for a cup of coffee.

Kaioen is a non profit coffee shop that was opened by an Oviedo pastor, so you pay what you feel and any profit is donated to Oviedo area charities.

The coffee shop is located in a cute little two story building near the Oviedo library, downstairs has a bar looking out of the front window and tables and chairs, and upstairs has a loungey feel with comfy chairs. They are also working on a conference room space upstairs that you'll be able to reserve for meetings.

I think this will be a nice little place to come read after picking up my library books. Plus on Friday and Saturday they are open until 10PM, so you can get a little after dinner date night coffee. YUM!

Jake tried the iced coffee with vanilla syrup, my dad got a cortado, and I had a cappuccino. They were delicious. Kaioen also serves pastries from De Azucar Bakeshop, which is another one of my favorite places in Oviedo. This is a really cute place, I totally recommend stopping by.


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