Motivation Monday, October 12

Sometimes life calls for making the best of a less than stellar situation. I'm not typically an optimistic person, but I've been accepting the silver linings recently. I don't usually come to them on my own, but I've been less resistant to hearing them from other people. If you've been someone that has offered me a silver lining, thank you. I needed it more than you know.


  1. Help me find the silver lining in this football season...

    1. Holy cow, no freaking kidding. I've never been so sad to be a season ticket holder. Saturday was painful.... but here we go. I got to see the only touchdown we scored with no one blocking my view! Plus parking and leaving a game has never been easier, and there is plenty of room in the stadium to spread out! MAYBE they will have a BOGO ticket offer for some of the last home games so we can bring lots of friends. That we will probably have to buy snacks for as bribes to get them to come. Sorry, football is just too damn sad.


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