Today was Popsicle's last day on earth.  He was a rocket scientist, like for real he designed rockets. And in retirement he was a carpenter and doting grandpa. He came to every play, concert, football or tee ball or soccer game and he built beautiful furniture for everyone. 

He was quiet, witty, and super duper smart. He had a wonderfully playful sense of humor. He gave all of us our first "lap tops", they were wooden boxes that opened and inside was a top. So you could spin your top on your lap. He drank coffee all day everyday and wrote almost exclusively on graph paper. He measured twice. He was a buckeye. He grew a pretty kick ass garden and knew at least a little bit about almost everything. I think almost ever issue of Consumer Reports is in a magazine holder or paper box neatly labeled and organized at his house. He researched everything. 

Our lives won't be the same without him, but we are all better people because we knew him. I'm so grateful for the years we had together. I'll always be his princess and he'll always be my Popsicle. 


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Nothing will make it easier but the memories are something you will hold in your heart forever. <3


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