Sunday in Savannah

After a long day of football Saturday, we headed to Savannah on our way home from South Carolina. 

We saw a pirate ship.

We saw a container barge, and a cutie little tug boat.

After watching the boats, we had lunch at Wet Willie's. That place has a Daiquiri wall, and you know how much I love a Daiquiri wall

An old bell. 

A LION! Thankfully, no tigers or bears. 

We got delicious coffee from a cute place called The Coffee Fox, where they had a really funny tip jar. 

We loved The Coffee Fox so much we all bought matching Coffee Fox diner style mugs. We love to match. 

There were SO many squares. This one had a fountain. 

We even took a picture with some historic stairs.

Savannah was lovely, and I definitely want to go back.

This week was pretty rough after such a fun weekend. Waking up and going to work was nowhere near as much fun as getting to explore new places with my friends all day long. And work doesn't even have a daiquiri wall, to help with the fact that I'm in a windowless 8x8 room and not in the beautiful south.

Can't wait for next time ladies!


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