12 Days of Baking - Day 7: Soft, Spicy, Heavenly Ginger Cookies


I love a good soft cookie, and these Soft, Spicy, Heavenly Ginger Cookies are amazing. This is only the second time I've made them, but they do not disappoint.

These cookies do take a larger pile of ingredients than most of the other cookies I've made so far, you don't get this good and spicy without a few ingredients.

Cream your margarine and sugar.

Once your margarine and sugar are all nice and fluffy, add in the molasses.

Ohhhhh pretty swirls.

This is where things get weird. Take a look at this crazy mess below. It kind of looks like ramen, but it's just the margarine and other liquids being a pain.

Mix up your flour and spices.

Once you start adding the flour in, the dough gets back to normal. 

Add the fresh ginger.

Mix that all up. This dough is really funny for cookies, but it makes for deliciously soft cookies.

I like to freeze the dough before rolling it into balls.

Line a container with parchment paper.

Pour the batter in.


Now pretend I remembered to take a picture of me scooping this dough into balls and rolling them in sugar. Then place your sugared dough balls on a cookie sheet and bake.

I like to bake these cookies all 12 minutes so the edges are a little crunchy but the middle is still super soft. These are so good. The only downside, they do require a few more ingredients than most other cookies and they are really messy to roll into balls.

If you have time to really chill or freeze your dough, and don't mind getting your  hands a little sticky, these cookies are awesome.

In case you missed it: 


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