It's December!!!

It's DECEMBER!!! Hellllooooo nonstop Christmas music and cookies galore!

Before we get too deep into the Christmas spirit, thanks so much for letting me brag about my life for 30 Days of Thanks. Just know that even though I have a TON to be thankful for it's not all rainbows and unicorns 24 hours a day. My laundry piles up, my dog sheds like a beast, and I run late to most everything, but I think most of you know that. Now... Christmas!

Here in Florida it's still in the 80's so while I love a cup of coffee in any weather, I can't wait to drink one with a chill in the air. Hopefully soon!

Like every year Christopher enjoyed putting the lights on the tree a little too much. Look at that dork.

And this year we added a string of multi colored lights along the path to the door. I think we are going to get another one for in front of the bushes. I just wanted to see it in real life before I bought more lights and light stakes.

Now we just need to put lights in the bushes, finish the roof lights on the side and patio area, and get another sting of multi colored lights for in front of the bushes. YAY! Oh and hang our wreaths. And buy some poinsettias. Santa has a lot of work still. At least it's super duper fun work!

I also made my list of Christmas cookies I want to make this year, so get excited, I'm finally getting back into that kitchen of mine.

Happy December friends!


  1. If you like eggnog I would HIGHLY recommend making eggnog log cookies. I can send you the recipe if you want. They are amazing!!!

    1. They are amazing! Kinda a pain to make but worth it for sure.


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