Sick Little Lucy

This cute little girl was having some serious tummy problems the last 25 hours, so serious I decided to take her in to see the Vet.

They poked her and rubbed her and petted her and said well... she might be stressed by the holidays. Which alright... I guess. We do bring the wild indoors and decorate it, and I do have about a dozen bins of crap all over the living room, and there are lights on our house and all of the neighbors houses. But seriously... stressed because of the holidays. That bitch doesn't have to bake any cookies, buy any presents, or deal with shitty humans in public places... stressed. I roll my eyes every time I think about it. Don't get me wrong, I am over the moon that she isn't seriously ill, but I'd prefer not to spend so much money for someone to tell me my dog doesn't care for Christmastime and to feed her rice and boiled chicken for a couple days. Not to mention the damage she did to the carpet. I cant even think about the stains that are happening right now. My mom scrubbed, I scrubbed, Stanley Steamer himself would cry. So I think flooring just moved up to the top of the project list. Sorry shower, you've been downgraded.

So if you need me, I'll be boiling chickens and preparing what looks like Chinese food on a morning after walk of shame.

Is it Friday yet?!


  1. Holiday Stress!!! I would have laughed in the vet's face! I hope your baby feels better soon.

    1. Thanks! I think she's on the mend. She loves her rice and chicken diet, because it's people food. It was so hard not to laugh, or roll my eyes, or make a snarky comment at the vet though.


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