2016 Central Florida Scottish Highland Games

Every year my family (except my mom.. one year we'll convince her) heads out to Central Winds Park in Winter Springs for The Central Florida Scottish Highland Games held by the Scottish-American Society of Central Florida. It's always a great time. The boys all dress up in their Clan Thom(p)son Kilts and some of them will walk with the clan in the opening ceremonies.

Look how nice we all match. I meant to get a new pin to pin my scarf with this year, but I was having too much fun watching the games and the sheep to do any shopping. Thank god for the internet. I'll order one before next year.

Christopher and my brother Jake both have the Thom(p)son Grey tartan, and my dad and brother Josh have the Thom(p)son dress blue tartan. This is Christopher's first kilt of his own so we need to do some accessory shopping. He has a belt and sporran that we have permanently borrowed from my dad/brothers collection,  and socks that I bought him for Christmas, the kilt came with sock flashes, and Josh made all the boys sock knives for Christmas. The sock knives have a names, but I don't remember it. 

This year we finally watched the sheep herding! I always want to, but it's later in the day and the sun is blasting you in the face the whole time. It was worth it! The dogs and sheep are so cute. Plus I'm always amazed at how well those dogs respond to their masters hand motions and whistles. It's nuts.

I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures this year. But I did get this picture of the ladies setting up for the hammer throw. These ladies are STRONG.

It was a lovely day for the games, even though in true Scottish fashion I wish there had been more cloud cover. I'm pasty.


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