Date Night: Jan 13

On our second date night we celebrated my birthday. It was a couple days early, but one of the only chances we were going to have that week to celebrate just the two of us.

Christopher gave me a lovely pair of pearl earrings before we left the house so I could wear them right away. 

We went to Hillstone for dinner and it was lovely. We each got a cocktail, enjoyed some tasty steaks, and ordered coffee and a hot fudge sundae for dessert. We had a table near the giant windows and even though it was already dark we could still see the pretty lake.

Fun story... We ordered an appetizer with bread, olives, and nuts. When it came to the table there was a white triangle on the plate, we both thought ohhh fun cheese! So we each take a corner of cheese, eat a little bread and then realize, that white triangle... butter. We laughed so hard. It was ridiculous. We thought that cheese was too creamy to be true. 

We've started looking forward to date night and we've even started a list of things we want to do or try. I think this is going to be a great way to break up the week. 


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