Happy New Year!

Hellllooooo 2016!

I hope you had a great first week of this new year! I've been super busy at work getting ready for the new semester to start, but I can't wait to finally finish sharing the end of last year with you and my To Do Lists for the year. The To Do Lists for this year are way shorter than last year. Last year I must have been drunk when I wrote those lists.

I've seen or heard of a lot of people choosing words or themes for their year, so I figured why not get in on the fun. This year I am focusing on my marriage. Christopher and I will celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary in May and we've gotten really good at ignoring each other and basically being roommates. Things we're doing to work on our marriage will be it's own list in the coming week, but we started a weekly date night, so I'll be sure to share our favorite weeknight dates. We started date night a week early so we've already got two down in the books.

Do you have a word or theme you use to keep you on track for the year? Are you working on making something better in 2016? Or just focusing on being content with where you are?

Happy New Year, friends!


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