Ugly "Sweater" Vest Contest

My office finally celebrated something! It feels like it's been forever since we last had some fun together, and I definitely took advantage of the opportunity. Before we left for Christmas break we had a white elephant gift exchange and an ugly sweater contest.

I made the most awesome ugly sweater vest EVER!

I used an old t-shirt and hot glued tinsel garland all over it. Then to hide a little bit of a bald spot I made a HUGE bow. It was awesome.

My ugly sweater vest was so awesome, it won first place in the contest! Now I have a $25 Target Gift Card allll for me! After Christmas I bought a TON of garland on sale so I can make a couple of these next year. So if you want one... let's say... $20 or $15 and a giant coke or coffee.


  1. This is so awesome, you totally deserved to win!

    1. Thanks! Just let me know if you need one, I'll hook you up.


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