31 Things I'm Grateful for: January 2016

I know this is a few days late, but I've been super busy fan girling for UCF and preparing to change jobs, plus I'm 30 now. I'm practically old. =)

1. BBC Sherlock special
2. A tuxedo cupcake from Blue Bird Bakeshop
3. Downton Abbey premier
4. McDonald's having any size iced coffee for $1.39
5. Lucy
6. UCF Basketball season tickets (Thanks Dad)
7. New lists for 2016
8. Our lava lamp
9. A new stationary store: Paper Goat Post
10. A new soap store: Naked Bar Soap Co.
11. Fried shrimp from Lombardi's Seafood
12. Celebrating with friends
13. Gel nail manicures
14. Date nights
15. Surviving life for THIRTY years
16. A painting of my Popsicle from my mother in law
17. The Scottish Highland Games
18. Annual deep fried Mars Bar
19. Friends that make inappropriate dreams come true
20. Metro Diner (see what we tried for lunch)
21. Flowers delivered to my house (Thanks Stacy)
22. More birthday parties than I knew what to do with
23. Birthday cake made from scratch
24. Finding the stairs to the roof at work, and laughing SO hard about how many times I've joked about jumping off the roof. (I promise I won't... there are a lot of stairs)
25. Ice Cream from Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream (We love this place)
26. Love Delivered
27. Natalie's Honey Tangerine Juice
28. A massage
29. UCF Football coaching staff meet and greet with my dad
30. Palindromes
31. A new Job!


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