Date Night: Jan 20

On our third date night we kept things simple, pizza!! We have a local pizza place my family has been going to for over a decade and every once in a while Christopher and I go there without running into my parents. I knew they had gone there for dinner the night before so I figured we probably wouldn't run into them. Running into my parents isn't a problem, we really like them, but I figured it would be better to have date night alone and without my youngest brother trowing straw wrapper wads at us from across the restaurant.

We shared a stromboli and mozzarella sticks and took 0 pictures. It was nice to just be somewhere we love with each other and hang out. I'm liking these dates nights more and more. And I promise to remember to take a picture of us next time. Our next date is actually already planned! We're having our first at home date night. We're going to make dinner and then... who knows. Games? Fire pit? Pillow Fort? I'll keep you posted. 


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