First Day and Carpooling

On Monday I started my new job. I'm writing this a lunch on Tuesday. As you can see my office was all kinds of a wreck when I got here Monday. I had all of my own stuff, plus the supplies from the person before me, plus it was a new office for these supplies so they were all just kind of tucked into any cabinet they fit in. I spent most of Monday pulling everything out, clorox wiping my office, and trying to get stuff put away. I have a funky counter for a desk so I don't have drawers and it's killing me. I hate having stuff out on my desk so any ideas you have for organizational supplies are more than welcome.

I used our interoffice mail service to mail most of my stuff to my new office, so It was nice to not have to move all of that myself. I still need to bring in my wall art and some kind of drawers or bins to keep my purse out of sight and maybe a lamp.

It's nice to work with a couple of my long time work friends again and the drive is DEFINITELY better to this campus. Not to mention the lunch options are amazing! I already have a "to eat for lunch" list!

Day two has been a little smother so far, but not without it's hiccups. I wasn't able to get a new ID card (mine is 5+ years old and they have changed the format) because I didn't have the old one to turn in. Is this the Pentagon? Fort Knox? Disney World? NO! So now I have to go home and dig around until I find the old one, and then make sure my hair looks nice again tomorrow. Frustrating.

On Monday, Christopher and I decided to carpool!

My work isn't really on Christopher's way to work, but it's not far either so we decided we will carpool some days and I am so excited because I HATE driving.

Being a passenger at the crack of dawn is so much better. I just sit and listen to Morning Edition and I don't have to worry about traffic or lights or idiots. I can just drink my coffee and wake up.

So even though on the days we carpool I will have to get to work early and have to stay a little late it's totally worth it.


  1. Nelson and I carpool and I love it! He drives us and I do my makeup in the car. It means I can sleep a few more minutes every morning! Let me know once you get settled and we can check off one of those "to eat for lunch" places. :)


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