Metro Diner - Breakfast

We've been to Metro Diner for breakfast twice now, it is so very yummy!

During our first breakfast trip Christopher got the chicken and waffles, which come with strawberry butter and spicy syrup (syrup + Tabasco sauce). I got the breakfast pie which is really more of a scramble, it has eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and cheese, plus I added ham. The breakfast pie came with a side and I chose hash browns, which were AH-MAZING!

I love hash browns, but some places make them too salty and then when I smother them with ketchup they aren't very good. But these... not salty at all, so you can ketchup them in abandon, or salt them or whatever you like to do with hash browns!

During this visit we decided instead of playing with our phones or trying to talk about something before the coffee had kicked in we'd draw on the back of the place mat. We took turns drawing a handful of elements each turn, and we drew this...

It's so crazy looking and it was so much fun! I would totally suggest this little pre-meal activity whenever you have the chance. It was a lot of fun, relaxed, and a nice way to pass the time when you're still sleepy or just out of new things to talk about for the day. I know we can't be the only couple that has eaten a practically silent dinner because we used up all of our new conversation topics in the car and during the wait for a table. Drawing a crazy picture is the answer!

The second time we went to Metro for breakfast we decided to share a few things. We got a plain waffle, a southern omelet with hash browns, and a side of biscuits and gravy (2 biscuits split in half). The omelet was really good, it had a good ratio of egg to filling, and the waffle was just as amazing this time as it was when Christopher got the chicken and waffles. The biscuits and gravy were a nice side dish, and quite a lot of food, we were expecting one biscuit with gravy not two so be prepared.

We decided to make another drawing too. We didn't have to wait for our food as long this time so our picture wasn't as detailed, but it was still just as fun!

We really like Metro Diner, I think you will too!

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