Last month, I turned 30. There was quite a bit of celebrating. I had three family parties like usual, plus a birthday date night and two parties with my friends. I think this decade is off to a good start.

Christopher and I on my birthday. We went to The Smiling Bison in Sanford for dinner with my parents and brothers on my actual birthday, it was so good. And then because I'm a classy gal, we got Dairy Queen for dessert, because nothing is better than a peanut buster parfait.

One of my friend parties involved a homemade cake, bowling, Tibby's, more cupcakes than an army could eat, and so many of my favorite people! I definitely have the best friends ever.

My other friend party was... ummm.... adult. Yano, dirty thirty and all. So there are no pictures. Sorry pals.

 After all of this celebrating it took me weeks to get it all under control. My dining room table and chairs were covered in cards and presents and just stuff from having way too much fun.

So, that's my 30 year old update. Let the 30's begin!


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