UCF Football 2016

If you've read a few of my posts, or we've met, you probably know I love my UCF Knights. Thanks to my super awesome dad I'm a legacy Knight and I enjoy season tickets to Football, Basketball, and Baseball. I'm the only kid in the family that likes sports and the only kid to go to UCF, so supporting Knights athletics is kind of our thing and I like it that way.

Recently my dad was one of the first 50 people to renew his Football season tickets, which gave us the special opportunity to attend the football coaching staff meet and greet on Sunday afternoon.

This is us super pumped and waiting for the meet and greet to begin. It was held in the press room of the stadium and we got to see all the trophies from the national championships and bowl games we have won, and see all a cool case of NFL helmets showing the names of all of the Knights that have gone on to play in the NFL. I left my phone at my seat while looking at that stuff. Oops.

This is the new Head Football Coach, Scott Frost. He seems really passionate about football and turning our team around. He tells some good jokes and generally seems like a cool guy. Not to mention he has put together quite a coaching staff. I am already looking forward to Football season!

He's a little taller than me. It's not hard to do.

On Wednesday UCF held a National Signing Day Celebration, which of course I attended.

I got to see my good pal Knightro! He's the finest Knight around!

We got to hear some more jokes from Coach Frost!

And obviously I needed another picture with him. He's a very important Knight! I almost don't look as short in this picture. Thanks for bending down a little coach, now get some gold accessories to go with that black shirt!

As an extra special bonus, I got to meet President Hitt at the Signing Day Ceremony. I didn't take a picture with him, but it was really cool to get to meet the college President. I'm feeling extra fancy and full of Knight pride this week.

As always... Go Knights and Charge On!


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