29 Things I am Grateful for: February 2016

1. Palindromes
2. Delicious date night in
3. Another photo with UCF's new football coach!
4. Dinner and drinks with my coworkers before I change jobs
5. A great last day
6. Taking my parents to Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream for the first time

7. Basketball games with my daddy
8. Sharing a giant waffle and omelet with Christopher at Metro Diner
9. Chocolate Cake from Zoe's Kitchen
10. A beautiful sign for my office

11. My super cool daddy
12. A quick beer with Christopher at our neighborhood brewery
13. Quality snuggle time with Molly
14. A husband that knows when I say I want either a large coke or a large iced coffee I really mean both

15. Surviving the first month of being 30
16. An impromptu ice cream come on my way home from work
17. Homemade apple crisp
18. Strawberry soft serve dipped in chocolate shell
19. A delicious Italian place that delivers to work for free

20. Wine with some of my EWB girls
21. Fresh flowers
22. Molly (I can't believe she's 1 already!)
23. The Good Wife on Hulu
24. Having cousins near by
25. Podcasts
26. NPR
27. Getting engaged 8 years ago
28. Pinterest
29. Leap Day!!!


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