KrungThep Tea Time

Yesterday my mom and I tried a new tea and sandwich place near work for lunch called, KrungThep Tea Time. They have a large selection of teas, hot or iced, and a lovely menu of salads and sandwiches. My mom ordered the pesto chicken sandwich on pumpernickel bread (above) and I ordered the bird + apple (turkey, cheese, apples), both came with a small side salad. 

 Of course I forgot to take a picture of our teas. Oops. My mom had one of their famous iced peach teas, which had peach slices on top, and I had the iced Earl Grey Lavender tea. Plus, they have my favorite crunchy ice chips.

This cure little dino planter was in the window behind our table. I might need to make on of these. 

After I got back from lunch someone from the office was going to KrungThep to get iced coffee, so of course I jumped at the chance to try something else and got this Thai iced coffee. It was super strong! Not really my favorite flavor, a little too much for me, but I can't wait to try more of their teas!

If you are in Winter Park and a cup of tea or light lunch is what you need, definitely stop in here.

They also have AMAZING looking desserts, but we ran out of time, just another reason to go back!

Just in case you need a second opinion, check KrungThep Tea Time out on Yelp.


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