30 Things I'm Grateful for in April

1. An amazing dinner with some friends from my last job
2. Exploring a new antique market with Bianca
3. Family birthday celebrations
4. Macaroni and cheese
5. Watching my brother play in a college band concert
6. Crafting with the EWB
7. Dinner with old work pals
8. Snuggling the EWB kids
9. Playing with bubbles with Molly
10. Laying poolside with Sonya
11. Celebrating even more family birthdays
12. One of my orchids bloomed for the THIRD time!
13. Breakfast in bed
14. The first beach day of the year!
15. Mario Kart
16. Seeing an R2D2 balloon in someone's car
17. My first visit to Lush! That place is amazing!
18. Making something cute with my cricut
19. Nothing Bundt Cakes (their cakes are so good)
20. Twistee Treat's strawberry soft serve dipped in chocolate
21. A sale at Michael's
22. Celebrating a baby on the way for one of my coworkers
23. My daddy bringing me a giant coke at work =)
24. Soft pretzels
25. Horrible, terrible, no good, very bad jokes
26. Another year of Amber
27. Amazon Music
28. Dinner with a new friend!
29. Advil
30. Coworkers that play along when I'm an idiot


  1. Excuse me, what did you make with your cricut? Are you going to post about it?

    1. I made little ladybug vinyl decals for my mom for her birthday! I need her to use one so I can take pictures, then I will post. =)


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