31 Things I'm Grateful for in March

1. A fancy lollipop from a friend at work

2. Lunch with a view

3. The last UCF Basketball game

4. House of Cards
5. Pretty purple nail polish

6. New Greenwise coffee ice cream
7. Two days off with Christopher to hang out
8. Seeing a rocket launch
9. Weekday lunch with Miranda
10. Ice cream from Kelly's Homemade

11. Our first UCF Baseball game of the season

12. A pedicure
13. Soft pretzels
14. Insomnia cookies
15. Voting

16. Our 11 year dating anniversary
17. One of our local diners is now serving milkshakes

18. Fun coffee mugs
19. Flowers
20. Rifle Paper Co. sidewalk sale

21. Cherry limeade in the middle of a work day
22. A C-3PO band-aid

23. Bring your own cup Slurpee day

24. A new kitchen light
25. Celebrating Nowruz with my favorite Persian friends

26. Trying a new coffee shop/bike store
27. Visiting Molly

28. Easter baskets from my mommy
29. My favorite tea in the middle of a crazy work day

30. A new video from Matt Bellassai
31. Cricut tutoring with Jenn

Not bad March, not bad. Hopefully April can keep up.

Happy April Fools Day friends. No pranks here, I'm too busy eating a donut to come up with one.


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