31 Things I'm Grateful for in May

1. Steak
2. Coffee dates with Amber
3. Getting to eat the eyeball from a face cake

4. Star Wars Day fun
5. Counting down to college graduation for a coworker
6. A manicure that lasted almost an entire week
7. Celebrating a sweet girl's HS graduation
8. The mothers in my life

9. Our 'hood pool

10. BOGO Cracker Barrel boxed mac and cheese
11. Jake started working at my college
12. Iced coffee delivery
13. The safe arrival of a new baby to some of our favorite people
14. Date night to Bonefish for bang bang shrimp

15. Eating pie while watching the sunset at the beach

16. 7 years of marriage

17. Half day Fridays at work
18. Celebrating preschool graduation with some of the cutest graduates I know
19. Publix cake

20. Crafting with work friends
21. Trying Red Mug Diner

22. Taco salad
23. Kimber
24. One of my besties is having a boy!!
25. Peanut butter cups

26. Fondue with friends
27. A long overdue haircut
28. 30 years of Bianca
29. Celebrating Carrie's birthday with her for the first time

30. Really taking time to remember why I fell in love with Christopher

31. $1.31 scoops at Baskin Robbins today

Not bad May, not bad.


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