Another Sarasota Adventure

To kick off our seventh wedding anniversary festivities we spent Saturday in Sarasota.

First we had to stop at McDonald's for iced coffee and bags of ice for the cooler. 

Then we made a little detour to Lakeland for beignets from The Poor Porker

We hung out in a tipi, so check back later this week for more on The Poor Porker. 

Once we were full of fried dough, we were back on our way to Sarasota. 

When we got to Sarasota it was lunch time so we headed to Yoder's (duh) and I got Turkey and stuffing with mashed potatoes and gravy. It was so tasty and the perfect lunch before a nap on the beach. Plus, we needed to stock up on pie. We got a slice of banana cream, chocolate cream, and peach, and a slice of chocolate cake. So stinking good.

Like any celebration in this house, we mostly ate all day. After lunch we hit up Pop Craft Pops for some frosty popsicles to eat on our way to the beach.

I had vanilla custard dipped in chocolate and Christopher had pineapple mango. Yum!

Now that we were armed with treats, we headed to Siesta Key Beach. When we got there we drove around for 30 minutes and couldn't find a parking space, not at the public lot, not on the street not in any of the little side of the road beach access points, nothing. So plan b... we back tracked and headed to Lido Key Beach.

This is us sitting on a bridge trying to get to Lido Key. At this point we had finished out popsicles over an hour ago and I was getting cranky.

This is how delirious we were when we FINALLY found a parking spot near the damn beach.

OK, now I',m in my new chair with a cooler on the back, Christopher is putting up the tent... It's going to be OK, I'm drinking a coke. Deep breaths. 

Finally, the view from my tent. Don't let my excellent picture timing fool you, this beach was packed and a group of bitches sitting right next to us were chain smoking the whole fucking time. I wanted to scream. That is the biggest drawback to having this tent, it's not easy to just pick up and move if assholes come sit next to you.

Me in my new chair, wearing my SPF 50 beach shirt.

I'll take pie by the Gulf over cake by the ocean every time.

Watching the sunset at the beach is pretty much the reason the West Coast is the best coast and I really need to move there.

We really like to match. Dorks.

More pretties

Us after we packed up, enjoying our last few minutes of the sunset.

Goodnight sun. Goodbye Beach.


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