Curly Girl Love Delivered

In honor of the National Stationary Show, I'm finally sharing my two most recent Curly Girl Design Love Delivered shipments.

I follow a few stationary companies on social media and it makes me want to open a card shop just so I can go to the National Stationary Show. I love paper products SO MUCH, and it seems like my idea of paradise.

Now, to the goods!

My first quarter shipment had 11 single cards, a box of thank you cards, a note pad, at least one magnet (I might have already given the other one to someone) and I think a pencil that I'm already using so it's not pictured.

These are my favorite cards from this bunch. If you know me even a little bit, you know I LOVE donuts and I'd take a bag of donuts over flowers Next, I love the flamingo card because I am a weirdo and proud of it, and I try to surround myself with people that are just as weird as I am. And last, I'm learning more and more to be myself and listen to my own voice. You have to "do you" as the youngins are sayin' these days. Plus one of my favorite lines to quote from a song right now is, "Don't be mad cause I'm doing me better than you doing you" from Sweatpants by Childish Gambino.


My second quarter shipment had 11 single cards, two magnets, a note pad, a box of thank you cards, a pencil, a tiny button, and a bar of dark chocolate.

My favorites from this shipment ate the notepad & pencil, tiny button, and CHOCOLATE! Chocolate will always win for me and this notepad is just so cute I want to write a list right this minute. 

I have one more shipment left in my Love Delivered subscription. I really have loved this subscription so much. I might have to request another one for Christmas.


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