Death By Chocolate

One of my coworkers graduated from college over Mother's Day weekend, so of course we had to celebrate! I brought in Death by Chocolate, which is amazingly easy to make. 

Sorry for the crappy lighting on these pictures, I made this at night and my kitchen has the worst lighting. 

Start with a pan of brownies, cut them into little bite size pieces.

I used pudding and Cool Whip to make a mouse. I also used plain pudding and plain Cool Whip in my layers.

I started with half of my brownie bites and then a thin layer of just chocolate pudding, followed by a layer of the pudding + Cool Whip mouse, topped with a layer of just Cool Whip and half a bag of Heath bar pieces.

Then I repeated the first three layers: brownies, pudding, mouse, and ran out of room, so I skipped the last layer of Cool Whip and just topped the mouse with the remaining Heath Bar bites.


Helllloooo Heath Bar!

Death by Chocolate has always been a favorite of mine, plus it's a real crowd pleaser and feeds a whole mess of people.


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