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OK, let's be honest, this is just a phone dump for my own fun, but I figured I'd give y'all a chance to see what I've been up to... or what I've been eating. I need to start working on some projects, I'm getting boring people.

 A couple of weeks ago I went to lunch with a friend and when we were walking back to the car we saw this R2-D2 balloon in the front seat of this car. It was awesome.

Christopher almost lost his life after I opened this little cooler, which he told me he cleaned out the weekend before, to find rotten fruit salad and water bottles floating around in the melted ice.

I pay my youngest brother to clean my house sometimes when I'm busy, it's my birthday, or I'm lazy. Last time he did my dishes I almost cried tears of joy over this top rack organization.

Sometimes you just need a coffee date, at 9:00 PM on a weekday, in the rain. 

I got this absolutely regular manicure and it was almost 100% chip free for an ENTIRE week.

We love Cracker Barrel cheeses and now they have a boxed macaroni and cheese, so of course we bought a ton to try and they are delicious!

 There is a Shake Shack practically across the street from work and it's on a lake, so I go there more than I should because you just can't beat this view on a weekday afternoon.

I had a training recently and they had these little clear plastic cups and ice from dining services and bottled soda, and all together it made me feel like I was drinking a coke on an airplane. It made me wish I was flying somewhere in the near future.

Shake Shack's lake view is even better at night.

Who knew some (maybe all?) Chick Fil A's have mouthwash stations in their bathrooms.

 The other day I wifed the hell out of grocery shopping and lunch prep. I bagged up grapes, assorted veggies, and mixed berries for lunches.

Plus, I made salads for about half of our lunches this week.

Christopher and I were looking at this tree in our backyard and we noticed it's grown quite a bit since we moved in.

 Thank God trees grow themselves, because we bought a plant to spruce up our front porch for Mother's Day and it's already pretty much dead. We couldn't even keep it happy for a week. Sorry dude.
I love Anne Taintor and her funny housewifey art, so when I saw this beer glass at Michael's I had to have it. And drink mimosas out of it, because hey... it's 5:00 somewhere. 

We're keepin life pretty low key over here in the suburbs, but we have some travel plans in June and July to look forward to. I'll be great to get away from regular life and have a little fun!

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. I got that mac and cheese when it was bogo! It was good!! Also, A+ on keeping your nail polish chip free for a week. I am lucky if I make it a day!

    1. I must have been in ultra Princess mode that week to keep my polish so nice. Poor husband.


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