Print Farm Paper Co.

Thanks to social media I found Print Farm Paper Co. Their cards are absolutely amazing. They are cute and witty and I need them all.

They had a mystery envelope special, 20 assorted cards for $15 and free shipping. I love any type of card, so I decided this was the perfect first order for me.

 I got more than one of some of these cards in the mystery envelope, but never more than two of the same one.

I also saw this and immediately thought of Sonya, so of course I bought it too.

Then if this order wasn't already AMAZING, there was a handwritten card thanking me for my order. Print Farm is officially one of my favorite places ever now. I ordered my cards on Wednesday night, there were here Saturday and I got a thank you card?! So amazing.

Print Farm Paper Co. is based out of Tampa, but you can obviously order online and I would totally recommend checking out their stuff.


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