Seven years ago Christopher and I got married. We served a delicious pig to celebrate. 

We danced our feet off.  

We ordered a room service hamburger at The Grand Bohemian. 

It was a pretty great day.

Our first anniversary dinner at Seasons 52. Late that night we got drunk in the Grand Bohemian hot tub, we were drinking champagne and scotch out of plastic flutes.

We got a couples massage on our second anniversary, but I don't have a picture to share for that. You're welcome. 

We bought our house 6 days before our third anniversary, so we celebrated by hanging out in it and eating Indian food.

We don't remember 2013 apparently... so I'll have to get back to y'all on that one. 

We celebrated our fifth anniversary by spending a long weekend in Daytona Beach. The shrimp population will never be the same.

Our sixth anniversary got off to a very rough start, but we recovered quickly and enjoyed the hell out of our long weekend in Sarasota. There's not much room service and a view can't fix. 

To celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary we spent Saturday on the West coast, Sunday mostly at home hanging around with Lucy, and tonight we're grilling filet and veggies. We might even continue the celebration during our weekly date night on Wednesday, but this year we're keeping things simple.

Marriage is hard work, and some days I don't think it's worth it. You have to try really hard to have more decent days than annoying ones, and this last year has been a struggle for us. We might post some really fun pictures on social media, and I blog about mostly the happy stuff because people don't want to listen to me complain, but this shit is tough. A lot of why I haven't been blogging as regularly is because I'm having a harder time coming up with happy stuff to blog. I'm doing my best to find small things to focus on and we're working things out, so hang in there with us.

Some days that crazy fun wedding of ours seems like it just happened and some days it feels like it's been a lot longer than seven years ago. Either way, I'm glad we're here. 


  1. Nelson and I spent our wedding night at The Grand Bohemian too. Marriage is a lot of work but that is what good friends and alcohol are for! :)


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