The Poor Porker

On our way to Sarasota to celebrate our anniversary we stopped in Lakeland to check out The Poor Porker. We have some friends that had stopped by like over a year ago and we've been meaning to get down there ever since. (We did drive by one time but we had missed them by about 30 min.)

 We walked in and immediately placed our beignet order, plus of course coffee. I got a Campfire Coffee cold brew. It was lovely, smooth, and sweet.

While we waited for our beignets to be cooked we wandered around. This place is crazy cool. I mean, they have a tipi you can sit in... so basically it's the coolest place I've ever been.

This is us in the tipi. We want one for our backyard immediately.

Look how cool it is!!!

We ordered two flavors of beignets, They were so good!

The Poor Porker: pure maple syrup and smokey bacon. 

Churro: cinnamon and sugar with a caramel sauce.

 They have all kinds of adorable seating and tons of plants.

Plus, tons of great backdrops for pictures. Next time we'll have to come back a little more put together.

Yummmm, beignets!

 They also have an indoor seating area with a bar (open at night I would imagine) with cool furniture and decor.

You can kind of see the bar in the very back of this picture.

Pretty much this place was amazing and totally worth the hour drive. Lakeland has so much cool local stuff that we are planning to spend a weekend exploring more of it sometime soon.


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