Birchbox: June 2016


So this is crazy late, but life happens. Let's dive in! As you probably know I LOVE BIRCHBOX. It is the best when I open my mailbox and there is a hot pink box in there. This month I have two boxes again, first up this geometric print box, which is so pretty it will definitely get used as a gift box.

Benefit just launched (or relaunched?) a new (maybe just improved) line of brow products. I have really thin brows so this is a pretty interesting thing for me to try. I'm nervous about it, but excited.

Plus, this packaging is amazing.

Look how cute that sample is! 

It has a nice little spooly so you don't end up coloring on half of your forehead. That will come in handy for make up dopes like me.

 This was my first time getting anything from the Living Proof line, and this overnight leave in conditioner was really nice. It has a great smell and my hair always felt soft after using it. It says you can rinse in the morning or leave it in, I always left it and you couldn't tell. Definitely something I'd use again.

 And now, box #2!

This box with the diamonds was kind of ugly in my opinion, but the stuff inside made it worth it.

I have been really impressed with all of the LOC products I have tried.  This has a really nice color, and I'm sure with some help from a friend it would look really nice on me.

If you have read about my Birchboxes before you might know that I am OBSESSED with Davines, their products are amazing. I have never had a product from Davines that I didn't really like, they smell amazing, and your hair just feels so happy when you're done.

I don't think I've ever had anything from this brand but I am intrigued by this face cleaning gel.

June will be my last month of double Birchboxes for a while. I have SO MANY SAMPLES. I have sorted them and I have a whole box full of stuff I know I won't use, so if you know my in real life PLEASE take some of them off my hands. Thanks!


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