Target Beauty Box: June 2016

I FINALLY got my hands on a Target Beauty box, thanks Kera for the heads up!

I paid $7 or $10 for this box, I can't remember, but it was full of some really great stuff!

The "Yes to..." line is pretty nice, and I like these wipes for traveling. I don't use them at home because I prefer to use a make up remover and a cotton ball like an old lady, this is much easier to pack. I've already packed these for my family trip to TN.

I actually have been using a sample of a Laneige Water Mask I got in a Birchbox I think, and I really like it, so I'm hoping I like this just as much. This is also packed for my trip.

Pixi also makes really nice products, I'm actually wearing this right now. It's nice and lightly shimmery, but not glittery which is perfect for me.

This is a pretty sheer lip color that builds pretty well. I have only tried it on, so I'm not sure how it wears.

I love trying new moisturizers, I am almost out of the one I am using right now, so I packed this for my trip to give it a try. Samples make traveling so much easier.

Now for items that didn't get their own pictures:

The Shea Butter Cream Rinse is nice smells good, but I am still a 3 Minute Miracle Moist girl. The Loreal foundation sample is a little too dark for me, and I already have that product in a full size and like it. I do appreciate the coupon that came with it! The Pantene shampoo was much nicer than I thought it would be, and I've been able to use it several times, now I wish I had saved it for my trip. I currently have like 7 half used sample bottles of shampoo in my bag. I hate lotion, but I know my skin needs it so I will use the body lotion sample eventually, right after I figure out how to moisturize without moisture. The face scrub powder seems interesting and the Cotz tinted sunscreen is already a staple in my beach bag. When you are this pale and you have to go be near people at the beach with real tans and they want to take pictures, you take all the help you can get.

I would absolutely buy another Target Beauty box if I'm ever lucky enough to get to the site before they are sold out again. So, Target if you are reading this... PLEASE MAKE THIS A SUBSCRIPTION. or just make more boxes. or send an owl, or smoke signal, or can I follow you on social media... why didn't I check. OK, now I need to find a way to find out about these earlier... I love samples.


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