31 Things I'm Grateful for in August

1. Meeting Baby Andy

2. Getting a run present in the interoffice mail from a coworker
3. Still loving audiobooks this month
4. My beautiful new UCF license plate!!!!

5. Chocolate chip cookies and wine with Amber
6. Wine and pizza and music videos and the Olympic opening ceremonies with some of my ladies
7. Crafting and baking (and drinking) for a mermaid party

8. A coffee maker in my office - Thanks Kera!

9. The first day back to the pool in weeks, maybe months
10. Jenn's Princess hair skills

11. A little coloring time
12. Lucky's market - Wine while you grocery shop? Yes, thanks!!!
13. Surprise cinnamon rolls
14. Molly starting to warm up to Lucy
15. UCF Football ticket cards coming in the mail!!!!

16. The Olympics taking attention away from the shit show that is the 2016 Presidential Election
17. Impromptu pizza with the family
18. My first pedicure in months
19. Christopher crafting with me

20. A breakfast date at Metro Diner
21. Lunch to celebrate Kelly's birthday
22. 46% off at Jeremiah's
23. Student Development Snack Cart
24. The Library
25. The Toms warehouse sale
26. Bagels at work
27. Brunch!
28. Hilarious crafting fails

29. The Kindle app on my phone so I can read at lunch when I forget my Kindle in my office
30. Elections

31. Buttermilk Bakery

Despite the oppressive heat and busy season at work, August wasn't too bad. We still found a few ways to have some fun and get some stuff accomplished! Bring it on September.


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