Birchbox: July 2016


July's box is so beautiful, look at all of those bright fun colors. Now, let's dig in.

I am pretty excited to try some more of the Living proof brand, I have only tried one other product from this brand, the Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night cap Overnight Protector. I have heard some rave reviews and some reviews that are not so great. So it seems to be a love it or hate it brand. I really liked the overnight leave in conditioner so we'll see how the no frizz line works for me. I am a little worried that a packet of the shampoo and conditioner will not be enough product for my hair, but I'll do what I can. 

The KLORANE under eye patches were great. I love this kind of thing and I wish I got more of it in my boxes. It's a nice little treat and I'll probably never buy them on their own because I just don't really think about them unless I have them. 

The It's So Big mascara is also really nice. I am really picky about mascara and typically I don't like the samples I get so I just save them for emergencies. I was pleasantly surprised. 

So far that's all I have tried from this box and August will ship any day so I better get on it. I still want to play around with making unboxing videos, so cross your fingers I can figure that out. Last time I tried, I spilled something on myself within 15 seconds of recording. Oops.


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