Buttermilk Bakery

Yesterday my boss and I stopped in to Buttermilk Bakery during their soft opening in Winter Park. Because they are just getting started in their brick and mortar location they didn't have a very large lunch menu, one sandwich, one salad, and the quiche pictured above. We both got the quiche and a chocolate croissant. The quiche had caramelized onions and bell peppers and gruyere cheese. The crust was flaky and buttery and the quiche was fluffy, I mean look how tall it is.

Then I bit into this bad boy, and lord help me. I might need to get one every. single. day. for the rest of my life. So good. So flaky. chocolate yummy. Drool. That's how much I liked it, I can't even make sentences about it. Go get one, you won't be sorry.

Buttermilk Bakery is located on Orange Ave. in Winter Park.

P.S. They don't know me.


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