Key West

At the end of June Christopher and I loaded up the car and drove to Key West to see our lovely friends Stacy and Jason get married in the most picturesque place I've ever been.

We stopped in Marathon Key to stretch our legs and walk a little on a beach.

But look at this sky and palm tree! I feel like we took this picture in front of a green screen.

Here we are with our shades so we aren't blinded by their love!

Here I am with an anchor and my pirate hook.

Also, this wedding had to go drinks and I got to take a mimosa with me. So this was pretty much the most amazing thing I've left a wedding with.

I am so glad we got to be part of Stacy and Jason's amazing wedding. They are such a wonderful couple and I can't wait to see what life has in store for them!

AHHH the view! I swear it's real. I didn't scan a post card. Now for all of the touristy stuff...

Frosty drinks were a necessity in the blistering heat.

So many roosters, maybe even more than Oviedo has.

 We had a fun couple of days in Key West and I think I would totally go back, in the winter. I just can't forget to bring our frosty beverage cups!


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