Miami Day 2

We spent our last day in Miami wondering around outside at The Wynnwood Walls and eating.

We had breakfast at MIAM. We found this place on Google or Yelp, I can't remember. Their oven wasn't working the day we were there so I wasn't able to get the breakfast I wanted =( From what we read online it seemed a little more like a restaurant than the coffee shop it turned out to be, so I kind of wish we had tried something else. It was good, just not what I had expected.

There is Christopher sitting so nicely .

Me forcing him to take my picture for the 3rd of 9029845 times that day.

It was a cute little spot with plant topped tables, bright yellow couches, and lots of tall bright windows.

This is the view of the counter where you order.

My coffee was really good, no fancy foam art or anything, I made that swirl =).

I had two eggs, breakfast potatoes, and toast.

Here I am outside of Miam, I obviously planned to match the wall of my breakfast location... don't you do that?!

I convinced Chris to take a picture with me!!

I really liked the words painted on the ground. It made the ground more interesting.

He might be about to cry from hating pictures already and this was only like picture number 7.

As we walked from breakfast to The Wynnwood Walls there was so much to take in. We took our time so we could see as much as possible and I'm pretty sure we took over an hour to walk about 4 blocks.

I mean if the ground says kiss... you kiss.

This place is amazing. 

It's like that artist knew this was my life motto.

True story.

I really like how this painting and this tree go together.

He still hadn't killed me at this point. It was a miracle.

 So beautiful.

 We also had to try this bakery, Fireman Derek's Bake Shop & Cafe. They had pie.

Chocolate Cream Pie, I think. It was so rich and so chocolaty.

Key Lime Pie, I don't love key lime but Christopher really liked it.

 Brownie. So fudgey, so good.

Then of course we couldn't leave Miami without a Cuban. We stopped at Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop. This sandwich was amazing, and now just looking at this picture I think I need to have a Cuban for dinner.

Another successful day in Miami. We left after lunch and stopped at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens on our way home, more on that next time.

So now that I am almost caught up on life from June, hopefully I can catch up on July and the beginning of August. We'll see. Happy Thursday friends!


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