Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

On our way home from Miami (Day 1, Day 2) we stopped at The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. I knew absolutely nothing about George Marikami, we just happened to see the sign on the interstate and decided we wanted to make a pit stop.

 Morikami has an amazingly beautiful garden with a 1-ish mile trail. It has several water cooler stops along the way to keep you cool and plenty of shady benches and paths. Our visit was unplanned so I was wearing jeans and a black shirt and I didn't have a hat or anything else you might want while spending a couple of hours outside, but we were still able to enjoy our stroll through the gardens.

We even ran into some people that offered to take our picture!

Look how cute these turtles are! The little one is riding on the bigger one's shell.

The whole place was so relaxing, especially this waterfall. I wish I could keep plants alive so that I could have a magical garden in my backyard.

If you happen to be near The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens or any other Japanese Garden, you should absolutely visit, it's so peaceful.


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