30 Things I'm Grateful for in September

1. September is finally here, goooodbye August!
2. A full day of shopping, eating, and pampering with Bianca
3. The first UCF Football win in over 600 days, GO KNIGHTS!

4. Coffee with a new friend
5. Homemade bread
6. Work besties
7. Crockpots
8. Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life sneak peaks
9. Beefy King drive thru

10. Celebrating new babies
11. Parents that feed me when Christopher is out of town
12. Taking a picture with Knightro

13. Pretty notebooks from Rifle Paper Co.
14. Netflix
15. New Halloween decorations for my office
16. Celebrating a new home with Sonya
17. A pretty new no sew blanket
18. My first fall craft of the year

19. Friends with cool toys
20. Another year of Jacob
21. Not having any serious damage to myself or my car after a small fender (almost) bender
22. A funny teacup filled with wine

23. Lunch at Tako Cheena
24. Sibling night playing Cards Against Humanity

25. An hour at the beach with Christopher
26. Students telling me my workshop was awesome
27. Dinner with a bestie
28. Mental health counseling
29. Trying new lunch places with friends

30. Amazon

September wasn't bad, but I AM SO EXCITED FOR OCTOBER! I love fall and I can't wait to surround myself with pumpkins and cinnamon brooms and candy!


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