Even More Buttermilk Bakery

I CANNOT get enough of Buttermilk Bakery in Winter Park. Christopher and I went for brunch recently and tried a couple of new things.

This was the brunch menu the day we had brunch, so much tastiness.

This guy started with a squash and cheese (I forgot which type of cheese) croissant tart and a cold brew coffee.

Then he took this lovely picture of my right as our warm food was coming and I was all eyes on the food, sorry babe.

We shared the biscuits and mushroom gravy. I was a little skeptical, because how can biscuits and gravy be worth eating without the meat? This mushroom gravy is no joke y'all. Get it.

I also had a morning bun again, you can see that loveliness here and my first visit here.

I love supporting local businesses, and a place this good makes eating local easy as pie croissants.


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