My Baby Brother Turned 21!

Last week my (not so) baby brother turned TWENTY ONE! Heelllllooooooo Dranks!

I really enjoy adult beverages, and some of my favorite drinking stories involve my middle brother Josh, so I look forward to the stories Jake and I will have in a few years, or maybe just a few months... I'll keep you posted.

I think my best sibling drinking story was when I wished my now sister in law a happy birthday at my birthday party a few years ago. We all still enjoy that little piece of Natalie history.

Christopher and I are trying to help Jake try all of our favorite stuff and instill a quality over quantity philosophy early.

I think it might be working because after tasting his first PBR he begged us to not make him take the others home with him. Being the lovely older sister that I am, I was like oh hell no you can't leave that trash here. Give it to your friends or feed it to a wild animal, I don't care just don't leave it here.

Over the weekend we had a sibling party at our house and we played Cards Against Humanity, drank, ate chips and queso, and brownies with ice cream and laughed at horrible things until we couldn't handle another minute of it. How have we not been doing this all along?

I am so glad I have brothers that I like to hang out with and that know how to have fun.


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