Trader Joe's: Current Favorites and Unfavorite

Trader Joe's Favorites

On my last trip to Trader Joe's I picked up some Tea Tree Tingle body wash for a friend and then of course decided I needed to get some for myself to try and then they had the shampoo and the citrus body wash smelled so good and oohhh shave cream. Basically I bought half of the beauty section to test out.

So far I have used the Tea Tree Tingle body wash and shampoo and the SHAVE moisturizing cream shave and all three are amazing. I've been using the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo, but I think that this Trader Joe's version could easily replace my Paul Mitchell. I need to check the price/oz but if this is less expensive (it probably is) I would totally make the switch. I love the tingly feeling of tea tree, and the body wash leaves you feeling so clean and fresh.

The Shave cream is really silky feeling and really leaves your skin soft. The only thing that could make that better is a pump bottle so I could use it with one hand.

I haven't used the Refresh citrus body wash yet, but it smells amazing.

Now, treats! These are two of my favorite chocolate treats, giant snow caps and chocolate covered almonds. I keep these in my desk at work for when I need something to keep me from crying or screaming.

Trader Joe's has the best selection of snacks and treats.
Trader Joe's Unfavorite

I also bought this bag of black bean rotini. I figured I like black beans and noodles and how bad could a noodle made out of beans be? Well, they weren't great. They feel like they would be OK based on a little pinch to check if they were done, but then I put one in my mouth and once I bit into it the noodle just kind of stuck to my teeth and mouth. It was a weird texture and I just couldn't handle it. The taste wasn't terrible, but there was an unpleasant aftertaste. They are gluten free, so if you need a gluten free option I'm not sure how this compares to other noodle substitutes, but regular noodles are far superior in taste and texture to these things.

Having a Trader Joe's across the street is dangerous. They sell way too many cool things.

Trader Joe's doesn't know me, and they don't know I wrote about them.


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