UCF Football is Back!

I have been counting down the minutes until UCF Football season since January when we got to meet the new coaching staff at the Coaches Meet and Greet. Then I went to the signing day celebration in February and I was practically picking out my outfits for each game and planning my whole life around football again. 

If you follow college football at all, you know the Knights had an awful season last season. Like AWFUL. We didn't win a single game. There were some games that my dad, my brother or Christopher, Bianca, and I were the only people left in our section during the second half of the game. It was depressing. 

This year we decided to finally check out the UCF Alumni indoor tailgate. It was pretty great. They have free soda and beer, Bubbalou's BBQ and cocktails for purchase, real bathrooms and it's air conditioned. 

See how happy we are to eat animals on buns in the air conditioning?

We got to our new seats early so we didn't miss any of the pre-game action! 

Anyway, back to the actual football... Saturday night when the Knights came onto the field and started with field goal after field goal, i was worried. Is this how the season is going to go? Three points at a time? But then they caught some passes and we were getting some big points on the board, and eventually ended up shutting out South Carolina State 38-0. It was an amazing atmosphere in that stadium, our first win in over 600 days, and I am so glad I was there to be a part of it. 

Debuting the new video board. It frosted over and then Knightro cracked the ice with his mighty sword.

Look at all of those glorious fans! 

Needless to say, I am extremely excited for this season. I can't wait to be back in that seat in two weeks to watch my Knights again. 

Go Knights! Charge On!


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