Vinyl Ladybug Decals

I was so excited to get a Cricut for Christmas and then super nervous to use it, so back in April I made my first vinyl craft, ladybug decals for my mom's mixer for her birthday. It just took me five months to remember to take a picture of the little guy on her mixer. Oops.

I started by using circle, triangle, and rectangle shapes to  make a little ladybug and then Facetimed with Jenn, the best Cricut user ever, while freaking out, and eventually I had cute little decals!

I used removable adhesive vinyl so they could be moved around or taken off if they get scratched or messy, my mom uses that mixer a ton and we are all glad for it. I made six bugs for her to play around with and I think they turned our really cute. Once I got the hang of slicing and welding and doing all these new crazy Cricut things, it ended up being a pretty easy little project.


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