31 Things I'm Grateful for in October 2016

1. Ice Cream Sandwich Cake


3. Taking Christopher to try a new taco place

4. Bloomin' Onion
5. Plenty of time to prepare for Hurricane Matthew

6. Another year of Christopher
7. Not losing power during the storm
8. No damage to our home from the storm
9. DISNEY - We are annual pass holders again!

10. A night of Cards Against Humanity with Amber and Bianca
11. The Simpson's Tapped Out Annual Halloween Story Line

12. Lunch by the lake at Shake Shack

13. A waffle for breakfast
14. Pumpkin Pie Ice season at Jeremiah's

15. A new color changing reusable straw
16. A delicious caramel apple

17. Food and Wine Festival
18. Students participating in my workshop
19. Coworkers that let me vent
20. A pumpkin cupcake and coffee in the middle of the day
21. A new Flavia de Luce book
22. Halloween candy
23. Halloween decorations

24. Drinks with coworkers after a 13 hour day
25. Early voting

26. Clean sheets
27. Glow sticks

28. Weird stuff on Amazon
29. Pretty office supplies
30. Hanson at Food and Wine

31. Another year of my father in law

Not too bad October, I hope the rest of the year can keep up this level of excitement. Having Disney passes definitely won't hurt.


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