Hurricane Matthew

Last Wednesday we found out work was going to be closed Thursday and Friday for Hurricane Matthew, so we had to get all of our computers nice and safely tucked in. This is my computer lab all covered up in plastic sheeting just in case the roof leaked or a window broke. It took four people a bunch of tape and a lot of eye rolling to get this room water resistant.

Thursday morning we got prepared at home. I took a screenshot of the shelters nearby just in case we needed to leave our house. Then I made Rice Krispie Treats, because it's the perfect hurricane snack.

Then I cried a little when I saw this reminder on my phone. No beach day for us. I felt bad because Christopher's birthday was on Thursday and we spent all day either moving potted plants or outdoor furniture or sitting inside waiting for the storm to come, then Friday was a lot more of the same.

Thankfully when we woke up on Friday we had power so I made cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs for breakfast.


The neighbor's fence fell down, but you could kind of tell that was going to happen, it's pretty old. But it's already back up and patched and things are back to normal for us.

This is my get cozy for the hurricane outfit. Leggings, tank top and soft sweater. We were keeping the air conditioning as cold as we could stand it just in case the power went out.

At lunch we still had power so I made grilled cheese and tomato soup and we played Rummikub.

Surprisingly, Lucy didn't freak out during the storm, and I think she enjoyed having us home all day for a couple of extra days.

We ended up not losing power or internet during the storm, so we had plenty of entertainment. We watched Netflix, played games, watched the storm blow by. We were extremely lucky that the storm moved East. The worst thing that happened during the storm was breaking a corkscrew.

Once the curfew was lifted and we were allowed out of the house again, Bianca and Amber came over and we played Cards Against Humanity. All in all this was pretty much the perfect hurricane in our area. Work was closed, we were forced to get rid of some stuff in our yard we didn't want and trim some trees and bushes, didn't lose power or internet and once we put all of our stuff back life was back to normal.

I know that this wasn't as easy breezy for everyone. Some people lost their homes or business, and some even lost their lives. Keep those people in your thoughts and prayers.


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