Walmart Beauty Box: Fall 2016

I recently got my fall Walmart beauty box in the mail! It always has a bunch of good stuff that you can buy at regular stores and all of it is affordable. Plus the box itself is only $5.

I love having little stuff to keep for traveling or my desk at work. I have had a really hard time finding a dry shampoo that I don't hate, but this brand has come highly recommended so I am interested to see how it works out for me.

I love Biore pore strips, so I will definitely use that bad boy, and the shiny box on the right is a toothpaste that I am excited to try. A lot of toothpastes turn the skin around my mouth red when I brush my teeth, so I think I need to start trying something more natural.

These are the three things that I am tried so far.
The toothpaste is actually working pretty well for me, it's kind of a weird consistency for toothpaste, a little thinner and less pasty that usual. But the mintiness is nice and my face isn't turning red!

Cetaphil makes great products. This lotion is very moisturizing, I've been using it at night.

The gummies were fine and didn't make me nauseated like a lot of vitamins do so that was nice.

While I get plenty of things in these Walmart beauty boxes that I probably wouldn't buy for myself, it's still nice to see what's available at the drug store. There is no point in buying a more expensive version of something if the drug store option is just as good (and sometimes better).


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