30 Things I'm Grateful for in November 2016

1. Friends that come by to visit just because
2. A trip to Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam
3. Green Starbucks Cups

4. Meeting baby Bennett
5. A big UCF Football win

6. Seeing the Hoover Dam from a plan and in real life
7. Getting to eat In-n-Out

8. Elections
9. Open bar parties
10. Starbucks Red Cups

11. A pedicure after a week full of walking around Las Vegas
12. Going on the field before and after the UCF Football game
13. Wine punch in a sippy cup
14. UCF Basketball Home Opener

15. Pot roast in the crock-pot all ready to eat when I got home from work
16. Impromptu trips to Jeremiah's
17. Chick Fil A has their original BBQ sauce back now!!!
18. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - I'll take anything magical in my life
19. The last UCF home football game

20. Cheese
21. A visit from my mommy at work
22. A surprise coke from a friend

23. A day off to cook and nap and snuggle with Lucy
24. Celebrating Thanksgiving with almost every person I'm related to
26. A fun night out celebrating another year of G-dawg
27. Christmas at Disney

28. Coffee from Blue Bird Bakeshop

29. Besties that get me
30. Cupcakes


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